Safety and Health

Ensuring members’ safety on the job is a top priority for BAC. Toward that end, BAC provides members with comprehensive health and safety information and training.

BAC believes a well-informed worker is a safer worker. This section provides answers to common questions, information on how to protect yourself on the job and safety training available.

What's New

  • Masonry Research to Practice (r2p) Wants You to
    Choose Hand Safety

    Hand injuries including cuts, strained muscles and tendons, damaged nerves, skin disorders, and burns can impact the quality of work, productivity – and even end careers. Understand the risks. Learn how to protect your hands, including what to look for when choosing and using hand tools and gloves.
  • CPWR's New Website Helps Identify, Control Silica Dust
    Breathing in dust containing silica, so common on many construction sites, can cause incurable illnesses such as silicosis. But silica can be controlled and workers can be protected. CPWR's website, Work Safely with Silica 
  • is a major step in helping workers do just that and in recognition, BAC is pleased to be listed as a "Supporter" on the site along with ICE – the International Council of Employers of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers.
  • Campaign to Prevent Falls in Construction
    Falls kill or injure more workers on the job than all other combined forms of workplace accidents.  This national campaign to prevent falls in construction is a government-labor-management partnership comprised of CPWR, NIOSH, OSHA, state government, private industry, trade associations, academia, professional and labor organizations, such as BAC.
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